Who i am, a little story from me about me

“The world renown scal- wait, no, wrong place”


If you thought we would go this route I have to disappoint you, today we are not talking about some famous, successful or particularly outstanding scale modeler, today we are talking about me, a guy from Germany building sometimes better and sometimes worse models since 2014. I am a modeler you see in magazines or on podcast, not like those producing fabulous content and marketing it, I am after all just a normal person with a small workshop who likes models, articles, tanks and memes. And that is completely fine, we are all somewhat on a journey in this hobby. A journey to learn new things, create better, more impressive models, try to fulfil hopes and dreams, but most of all to have joy and pride in what we do and create.

This is exactly why I am here and why I write these articles. If you truly want to get the best tips, kit-reviews, techniques, recommendations or similar there are many better than me out there, but if you want to join me on my  journey through time and kits this is the right place to be. I am just a normal person usually found in the community coming and presenting my work (on a place other than social media) and I am proud to do so and to have you, the reader, here with me.

After now knowing this, be welcome to stay here or to leave and find a person who is one of those described by the opening, but do not get me wrong, I have a very deep respect for these people, I am just not one of them and I wanted to clarify this.

But most important of all and essentially what I am trying to say here: Have fun in what you do, it is a hobby, not a competition, race or responsibility. We all only do what we love, or at least try to. And now, enough talking, let us embark on this great journey!

Until we meet again


And last but not least, some actual information about me and my journey so far, since that came a tad too short previously.

2014: first model

2018: serious personal investment into the hobby

2019: first tank (m4a1-76)

2021: first public model (Waffentr├Ąger Pak44 12,8cm Steyer/Krupp)

2021: own workshop in an old storage room (still in use today)

2022: first article here (Panzer 38t)

2023: start of “midnight master models”