Projects – Goals – Progress

Currently working on: T-62 bdd + Churchill Mk.III AVRE


T55-AMV RC 1:16 (Hooben + scratch build – heng long tk7.1) (70% completed) WIP (awaiting painting)

Stug 3 Ausf. G 1:16 (Heller + Winterketten) (40% completed)

On the workbench

Explanation: (accounts regular 1:35 scale non-interior models)
0%-40% -> construction
40%-50% -> base- and detail-painting
50%-75% -> first weathering stage (discoloration, pinwahses, chipping, shadows)
75%-85% -> second weathering stage (mud, dust, etc…)
85%-100% -> third weathering stage (final details, engine and exhaust grime possible small vignette)

SU-152-T (completed)

Finnish ZSU-57-2 + voyager fenders (60% completed)

Churchill MK.III AVRE + resin tracks (45% completed) WIP

ISU-122s (40% completed) WIP

Shot Kal Gimel (40% completed)

T-62 bdd 1972 + kmt-5m (5% completed)

Couple projects

MAZ-537g x ChMzap-52 (100% completed – article in the making) WIP

Stug 4 x Stug 3 (50% completed)



Pz.Kpfw.II (1:24)

T-34/D30 + T-34 arv (Def.model) + Voyager PE (rfm 174)

Jagdtiger Porsche suspension + Aber PE

SU-152 + Voyager Pe (both sets) + magic models Barrel

T-55 enigma miniart + voyager PE + Voyager PE stowage boxes

Humber Mk.II

Panther 2 prototype


M983 + Voyager PE + Def.model wheels


The last three completed models (the rest can be found in the archive below)


Categorie: current/maximum

Unopened: 11/10

Unfinished: 5/5

Long-term: 2/2

Couple-project: 2

Upcoming events

(None of these events are organized by me in any shape or form, I simply plan to attend these)

SMB – phoenix arena (03.03.2024 – exhibitor)

Goals 2024

Completion of 6+ models (0/6)

Create a working newsletter (0/1)

Multi colour camouflage (4+ colours) (0/1)

Completion of T55 AMV in 1/16 (0,5/1)


Wishlist – projects

T-55 mod. 1981

T-64b 1984 + Voyager PE (optional – not decided yet)

T72b mod. 1989/90 (Trumpeter) + PE + Aber metal barrel

french early WW-2 tank (4-colour-camouflage)

Valentine-chassis tank (Bishop, Archer, Valentine, etc…)

2s1 gvosdika (Trumpeter)

Soviet cold war heavy with open spaced armour (T10, IS-7, etc…)

Pz.Kpfw. 3 Ausf.n russian bridge collapse (idea from Kei)

All Completed Models

Models 2023


Pzkpfw. 38t – destroyed tank (completion: october 2022) completed

SU 152 ARV – What if (completion: december 2022) completed


Zis 30 (completion: january 2023) completed

E-60 kjpz 12,8cm (completion: march 2023) WIP, completed

PzKpfw. 4 Ausf. D/E (completion: may 2023) completed

T55 Syria + kmt9 “Street warrior” (Diorama later possible) (completion: june 2023) WIP1, WIP2, completed

Pzkpfw. 4 Ausf. J – only turret and interior (completion: july 2023) completed

Valentine mk.IX – 1st couple project (completion: october 2023) completed

T-80 light tank (completion: november 2023) WIP, completed

Shelf of shame

What is the shelf of shame? – projects that did not recieve any form of attention over a long course of time and will probably never be completed. I assume every scale-modeler has one, but very few display it publicly since it isn’t anything to be particularly proud of, same here, but it helps me to keep track of something like that.

M31 T2 ARV (35% completed – last worked on: late 2023) WIP (outdated)

BMP 3 (35% completed – last worked on: late 2022)

2A3 Kondensator (30% completed – last worked on: approximatly mid 2020)

E100-hull (10% completed – last worked on: approximatly late 2019)


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