“Untold Stories” destroyed Pzkpfw. 4 ausf. d/e 1:35

Welcome my friends to another new build called “Untold Stories”, a small one, but still a nice one. Let’s start with the usual procedure:

Kits, Material, etc…

Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D/E Fahrgestell – Trumpeter 00362 scalemates

Wooden Block (offcute from a wood-working friend)

Usuall stuff and bits and pieces


What was once meant as a normal build would soon change direction. 3 years ago, on Christmas 2020 I was so lucky to receive this kit as a Christmas-gift. It was build successfully in a pretty good manner for the time being. But that’s exactly where disaster struck – I was so pleased with it that I was afraid to begin painting and so it moved onto the shelf of doom. In retrospect it doesn’t make any sense really, since it would simply be a part of a process of development, but young me was not so wise. There it rested for a long time until the Su-152-t came to place. The model, now being in not the best shape was robbed of its crane, which was utilized in that project. (Article on that topic) So now I was left with a little Hull of shame on the shelf of shame. Great – not. Five months later I had to go into surgery because of an accident. Nothing major, but still I couldn’t really move for about 1,5 Weeks and had to stay at home and, searching for some distraction, I stumbled across the Wedgie of the Panzer 38t by Celticwerks and thus everything fell into place.


So, now we are here: a not at fully attention builder, a butchered hull, a small offcut piece of wood and a decently well-equipped workshop. So work began. First cutting the tank to size, then filling the open side and missing hatch. After that was completed work began on improving the vision-slits. The originals were simple open slits, which for certain looked weird without an interior. I opted, most likely because of my mental situation being drained from the stay in Hospital for the simplest solution. A plate behind the slit and a smaller one at an angle to recreate the original somewhat close. Not good, but better than before. After that mostly the usual procedure was followed, nothing noteworthy here. Of course, some were not executed that well, but considering the duration of the project and the general situation I am very much satisfied with it.


Overall a great little build for distraction and the result came out surprisingly good considering my mental condition. Overall I love these small dioramas – why? they are easy to build, handle, transport and overall look kinda cute.

Fit: 4/5
Details: 3/5
Accuracy: 4/5
Fun: 5/5

You have an opinion you want to share, wether it is criticism or praise, I really appreciate both. Tell me here as either a comment or contact me here.

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