“When does it end?” E60 Kanonen Jagdpanzer 1:35

So, now the next project has been completed. The details of the construction were already described in in this article. Therefore I will now only refer to the painting process. The used parts remain the same, it is still the same E60, now just with paint:


E-60 KJPZ – Modelcollect UA35018 scalemates

12,8cm Pak 44 – Aber #48L29

Kingtiger tracks, workable – Meng SPS038

usual bits and pieces

Base Paintjob

The first idea was a two tone hard edge camo made up of geometrical forms in panzergrey and oxid red. The choice for these two was obvious, since they were respetively the main and the primer colours of many German tanks. But after all this was completed the model looked simply dull and uninteresting. In addition it seemed by far too light to me, especially considering that I had chosen a rather dark look, since those usually make the model seem heavier. So the choice to add dark grey was made. This is not based on anything really, but neither is the complete model, so I put looks above accuracy. Once this was finished there was only the painting of the tools and details left to do.


Here I opted for nothing too crazy, since the model as a whole already looked very wild especially with the camouflage. Thus only the usually steps of fainted paint, dark washes, chips (2 layers), rust washes, oil stains, mud and dust were followed. Here some decions should have been taken differently, but I guess you can only learn from your mistakes. All of the techniques will be described in more detail in their seperate article on the basic techniques, then also supported by pictures and detailed descriptions, so look out for that!


How it will rest on the shelf (thx tim for the stand)
The top


I sadly have to finish this model with mixed feelings. I like the building, base painting and chipping very much, but especially the dust not contrasting with the rest (light dust on light grey) really annoys me. But these decisions should have been made earlier, so I will simply have to learn from my mistakes and do better next time.

At last: New lights in my workshop, which I also used for the pictures, let me know what you think especially of those. I personally really like them.

Hope you still somewhat like it, in case any questions, ideas or further criticisms arise feel free to either leave a comment or contact me here.


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