WIP M31 T2 ARV 1:35

Why so quickly again another post? Let me explain: Most of you here should be familiar with the E-60, right? A fairly complex and brain-pain causing model. So my masterbrain wanted something to relax to on some of the especially stressful days. So this choice was made: The M31 from Takom At the time I didn’t know how horribly it would backfire.


M31 Takom 2088 scalemates

A lot of your usual bits and pieces

The Story

Truly the most boring one so far. I went to my small local hobby shop, found it at a good price and chose it, of course without further research, but who cares, as it is only a side project.

The subject of today

The Building process

For the most part it was kept in its original form, nothing too drastic was changed, but that alone caused enough brain pain. You would think a well thought through kit by Takom would be a pleasure to build. The fit was perfect, but the modification from an M3 to an M31, that’s where the pain was. A lot of drilling (53 holes in total) cutting away pieces and filling in former holes was involved. At that point you would expect a new hull. It works, just not the nicest of things. The rest was all smooth, a lot of stowage, the MG was from an Sherman firefly build before that, as well as the spare track on the upper front plate.

Post build

All in all a good kit, the modifications required by design just felt so unncessesary. They went down without a problem, but especially if you only have a hand-drill like me it’s kind of painfull after a while.

Fit: 4/5
Details: 4/5
Accuracy: 5/5
Fun: 3/5

Any of you have an idea for the paintjob or any opinions? I would be very happy about a comment. Otherwise you can also contact me here, in case you don’t want it to be published.


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