Thank you – for this fabulous year of 2023

And with that the 2023 season comes to an end. My first full year of posting models here and all I have to say is “thank you” But, if you allow me, let me talk a little bit about this year and about what is to come:

Let me begin with the most important thing: thank you, thank you to all of you who were here, read the articles, looked at the models, an individual thank you to all of you. It was so nice to have all of you along this admitably not really easy path. But I also want to thank some specific people who helped me along the way with support, crticism or similar:

  1. My fabulous Girlfriend – without you so many things would not be possible, especially not many of our projects you help me with or in the very least contributed to. As well as for simply being able to share this wonderfull passion with you.
  2. All of the fellow modelers on instagram – for taking your great models as imspiration and all of the praise or constructive criticsim I was allowed to recieve (a special thanks to davebuildsmodels for pointing out a critical mistake on one of my models)
  3. Chino’s cafe – the discord server where I first began posting my models years ago and still do until this day. Thank you for being among the most supportive people I have ever met. A very special thank you to all of you guys – you are amazing
  4. scalemates – It truly is one of, if not the, most helpful website for us modellers.

I truly hope that I did not forget anybody on this list, but these are the people I am the most thankfull to have around me.

Now, for a little recap of the year:

I was able to meet my goal of completing 6 models this year and was even able to complete on more. So a total of 7 models this year which I am in all honesty quite proud of.

The first model to leave my workbench this year was the ZIS-30. He was a micro-project gifted to me for christmas. I completed him fairly quickly without any special turns or complications. He may not be the most special project on his own but he began the trend of the micro-models for me. I expect for many more to come and this year already two more of the same type were completed.

After this small cutie I was hungry for something big and complicated. After seeing coldmonspl’s video on the E-60 I was almost jealous of the result and the aim was clear. He is until this day one of my most work-intensife models but every second of it was worth the time. Whereever I take him he is always the eye-catcher. I also want to build a “brother” for him in 2024 simply because of how much fun I had with this project.

The next model to be completed was the second addition to the micro-models series. A reusal of an old shelve-queen: The Pz.kpfw. 4 Ausf.d/e This model was just a small in-between project to distract myslef from a project I was stumped upon for a long time, but who should be completed not long after.

The model that gave me nightmares this year: The T-55 with kmt-9 mine roller. Not because of the kit, the kit was great, but because of my truly poor decisions: This model had more plottwist than an entire movie. And this shows in the end-result. It does not look bad, but simply not great either. I should have followed one exact path from the beginning to the end. Until now I have not repeated this mistake, but promises can’t be made.

After this “special” project I decided it was time to once again complete an old shelve-queen once again. This time another Pzkpfw.4 – the ausf.j to be exact. technically this model also recieved one big twist in the middle of construction, but this time for the better in my opinion. This model was the 3rd addtion to the micro-models.

My personal favorit this year: The Valentine mk.IX – in my opinion a great small tank and diorama with an interesting composition. The camouflage could recieve more depth and also the weathering of the concrete-stairs was lackluster. But I am very happy with the rest. My best model this year for sure.

And last but not least a wild experiment: The T-80 in a worn-winter-white-wash – the twist: it is completly brush/sponge painted. With the winter-white-wash I am very happy but especially the running gear and lower hull could be better. Overall still a nice end to this years models.

About the projects begun this year which are still in progress:

At first the models that have recieved a detailed WIP-article:

The first model begun this year which is not yet completed is the M31. At first a simple out-of-box build (as documented in the article) now turned into a small wedgie to be the next addition to the micro-models series. It is currently awaiting paint.

The second one is at the same time also the biggest project overall this year: The T-55 amv in 1:16. Originally bought used as a T-55 by hooben in lackluster condition is now a custom T-55 amv with completely new internals. Also awaiting paint currently.

One model I did not want to have on this list is the ISU-122s. The second model in the midnight-master-series (after the e-60) is for some reason I don’t know myself still unpainted.

Last but not least: The Churchill Mk.III avre. Just completed in terms of construction and I am as of right now working on this particular model. I believe that this model will for sure come in the first quarter of 2024.

The hidden ones – models in progress without an article.

At first the second big project: The Stug-3g – this model got some work done this year but it still is not ready for paint. Some details that I can’t put my finger on are still missing.

The sad project of the year: The ZSU-57-2 – this model was going great, both in construction and painting until the failed matt-varnish, which turned out glossy. This killed all motivation. I still wish to complete this fella in 2024 but only once I find a solution for the varnish. The WIP-article and photos do exist, but after the full stop it did not feel right to post.

The plain one: yes, this one is just, well, out of box, some stowage, simply nothing to tell in an article. Construction was completed without any issues. Currently awaiting paint.

And last but not least: some stats – beginning of 2024:
7 unfinished projects and 9 unstarted projects consisting of 8 kits and 9 after-market sets as well as 4 projects on the shelf of shame

About 2024…

Now, with 2023 done, what is there to expect in 2024. Of course all unfinished goals of 2023 will be carried over to 2024. These are: making a working newsletter; completing the T-55 amv and painting my first figure. Additionally I have some additional goals for next year. These are of course to complete 6 models again and also to paint the first multi colour camouflage with 4 or more colours.

Additionally I also want to attempt to keep a monthly upload schedule. Additionally the first post are technically already in order and the only thing to stop me is wether I am able to complete these. Further more I want to complete another special project most likely spanning more than 2 articles. The T-55 enigma with very extensive PE, resin and metal parts, since I want to use the Miniart interior-kit, but more on that in his own article. I expect this model to be started once I completed my Abitur (German A-levels) and I have some time between completing this and starting university.

Further more I want to at least begin the detailed article on my work-schedule including a step to step guide on how I make my models. This will be available on my website as an article and PDF for free. I am also thinking about starting a patreon or similar, but those are still questions to be answered.

I hope that I could help atleast some with these articles and I hope to continue it and get continiously better at doing what I love: building models and writing mediocre articles.

Until we meet again next year.

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